Bespoke Projects

Farnborough & Keston Park

Both Farnborough and Keston Park were founded in the 1930’s and have since developed reputations of being amongst the UK’s most beautiful and prestigious private communities. Situated between Bromley, Orpington and near Biggin Hill the Parks offer the discerning home owners a break from the hustle and bustle of living in London.

The Parks offer large plots of individually designed homes with restrictive guidelines in place to govern any design in size and landscaping, ensuring that any changes would at all times respect and compliment the natural landscape of the estate.

The result of such stringent covenants has meant that the beauty, character and charm of the Parks have been preserved, making them amongst the most desirable places to live in the South East of England.

As a chartered building consultancy and building contractor, Craymanor Limited have carried out many bespoke large detached investment property projects incorporating contemporary, period and historic designs to meet with our customer’s ambitions and aspirations.

We work very closely with our customers offering an excellent range of services from design paying particular attention to detail, and with nearly thirty years of working with clients understand exactly what is required and how to achieve excellent building projects carried out to exacting detail.

Here at Craymanor we offer our clients at Farnborough and Keston Park a huge range of bespoke building projects designed individually for every single property; no one design is repeated. We also have relationships with some of the finest suppliers of bespoke kitchens, studies, bedrooms and bathrooms such as Mark Wilkinson and offer excellent ranges throughout the whole property from hand woven carpets, hand prepared wood floors, all the way through to hand crafted covings, mouldings and decorative effects.

Whether your ambitions are simply to renovate one room, provide small or large extensions and/or redevelopments of your home through to complete remodelling to create greater curb side appeal; we have every skill here at Craymanor in-house and at our fingertips.

You can arrange appointments to suit your own timetable including evenings and weekends, where the owner of Craymanor Limited will be pleased to give you his personal and best attention.

Call us on 020 ­8302 ­4415 or email to discuss all your requirements.