Larger Home Extensions Now Permitted

June 2013

For a period of 3 years between 30th May 2013 and 30th May 2016 householders will be able to build larger single storey rear extensions under permitted development. The size limits will double from 4meters to 8meters for detached houses and from 3meters to 6meters for all other houses.

The new larger extensions must go through the following process.

  1. The new home owner must notify the local planning authority with plans and the description of the work they propose.
  2. The local authority may ask for further information about the impact of the development on the adjoining properties.
  3. The local authority will serve a notice on adjoining owners who share a boundary; this will give the address of the proposed development and describe it including the information in point 1 above. The notice will also set out amongst other things how long neighbours have to make objections and a copy of this notice must also be sent to the builder.
  4. If an adjoining neighbour raises an objection within 21 days the local authority will take this into account and make a decision on whether the impact on the adjoining property is acceptable; the local authority are not allowed to consider any other issues.
  5. The extension can go ahead if the local authority notifies the builder or architect in writing either a) that no objections were received b) that it is decided the affect on the adjoining property is acceptable.
  6. If the local authority do not notify the builder or architect of its decision within the 42-day determination period the work may go ahead.
  7. If the local authority refuse their consent the builder, architect or customer may appeal.

There are other matters which need to be formalised but are not discussed here with the exception to confirm that the extension must be completed (not commenced) before 30th May 2016 and the builder must notify the local authority in writing of the date of completion.

It is our view that where possible most neighbours would be likey to object to extensions that would be 6 or 8meters deep; this is particularly relevant where houses are terraced or semi-detached as the impact on adjoining properties will be considerable.

It is also our view that customers should take advantage of this temporary planning policy which is designed to encourage the increase of building work on the overall economy as it is most likely that this type of extension following the 3-year period will be proven to be unpopular with not only the local authority but the general population who are impacted by these type of extensions.

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