Ideas for bungalow loft conversions

Bungalow loft – conversion vs extensions

Loft conversions add to the living space without an exterior addition or altering your current house’s floorplan. Loft conversions are the preferred solution for neighbourhoods where properties are located closely together, with a lack of suitable back garden space to build a full extension. Are bungalow loft conversions cheaper than extensions? Yes. One more advantage of loft conversions over extensions is their costs. Bungalow conversions are commonly cheaper than an external extension.

Westmount Road Loft Conversion
Westmount Road Loft Conversion, Kent
This semi-detached house in Eltham having a new master bedroom with ensuite enabling the existing bedroom at first floor to be turned into a study and providing more space for the children and growing family at this house.

Bungalow loft conversion ideas

Bungalow loft conversion to bedroom

In the most common type of loft the sloped ceilings create a cosy space that’s ideal for a childs bedroom, the little ones will also have no trouble walking around under a chalet style roof. Rooftop bedrooms are also loved by teenagers, who will enjoy their own independent space and privacy. Loft bedrooms with an ensuite create a standalone additional space, either for unexpected family guests or grandparents while visiting or staying over took look after the children. It is preferable to, if possible, locate the bathroom directly above the bathroom of the lower floor – this makes the necessary plumbing work more straightforward.

Turn your loft into playroom or daytime family space

Lofts of traditional bungalow style houses make it tricky to utilise the empty loft space. With sloped ceilings are a common drawback, making the space considerably smaller. With a little bit of careful planning, you can could create a fabulous home theatre or daytime playroom. Proper insulation and soundproof flooring will keep your professional digital sound system under control.

Two storey side extension and loft conversion in Old Farm Road East, Sidcup, Kent
This two storey side extension and loft conversion to this house in Sidcup created additional living space incorporating two additional bedrooms, a bathroom, enlarged kitchen and integral garage.

Loft conversion to a walk-in wardrobe

This idea is the one all ladies will fall in love with. Transforming your underutilised loft space into a functional walk-in closet for you and your partner for a more luxurious home design. Loft conversion to a closet allows for tall shoe shelving or extendable hanging rails for your clothes without limiting your living space. Large mirrors will not only be functional for getting ready, but also will make the room seem bigger (another clever trick right there!).

Follow to this Pinterest list to find plenty of clever ideas on how to effectively utilise the loft space despite slanted ceilings.

Converting a bungalow – limitations

Regardless of how you decide to utilise your attic space, there are several restrictions applying to bungalow loft conversions:

  • Lack of load bearing walls
  • Sloped ceiling limits the headroom available on the second level
  • Original building features need to be worked around
  • You may not be allowed to have dormers
  • Another aspect to consider is allocating ample space to fit in a staircase in a property that was never designed to have a second floor. Some of the ground floor space will need to be sacrificed. The location of a staircase will be dictated by the internal layout. Our structural engineer and a loft conversion building company will be able to recommend the best solution to that takes up the minimum of ground floor space that is necessary.

    The advantage of older bungalows over newer ones are their steeply pitched roofs, however that depends on the design. The steep slope of the existing roof will allow for ample headroom on the upper floor, especially if your goal is to use the space as a sleeping area, not a rarely used storage room. Nonetheless, consider that anything of 1.50-1.60m will be totally unfeasible. Even the best conversions into dormer bungalows, will feel too claustrophobic, especially to taller people. If your initial idea to expand upwards fails because a regular loft conversion would be too low, look into raising the roof.

    Traditional bungalows can still retain their original features, such as brickwork or chimneys. Materials can be sourced to make sure the newer elements of the construction blend in well. This is also your chance to refresh the elevation and make your aged bungalow look like a new build.

    Bungalow building regulations

    Building regulations applying to bungalow conversions are not as strict as for other domestic alterations. As an example, installation of fire doors is a requirement for “2-storey into 3-storey” conversions, but this is not the case for bungalows. Your conversion will often fall under permitted development. However, you will still need to submit a lawful development. Also, you may not be allowed to have dormers. Here at Craymanor, we will be able to advise on the next steps during the initial site visit.

    Convert your bungalow to add value

    When it comes to adding value to your property, a bungalow loft conversion can be considered one of the most cost-effective alterations that delivers a high return on investment. Added property value can be as much as twice the amount invested in the conversion.

    Here at Craymanor we offer our clients in Sidcup and across Kent a huge range of bespoke building projects designed individually for every single property; no one design is repeated. We also have relationships with some of the finest suppliers of bespoke kitchens, studies, bedrooms and bathrooms, offering excellent ranges throughout the whole property from hand woven carpets, hand prepared wood floors, all the way through to hand crafted covings, mouldings and decorative effects.

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