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If you are asking yourself where to start planning your house extension project, one major decisions you are going to have to make at a very early stage is whether or not you will need an architect for your project. This can have a big impact in terms of total costs and quality of the final product.

Currently, there is no legal obligation in the UK to employ an architect – it is totally up to you. It is possible to undertake and complete various types of major residential property alterations, such as house extensions or loft renovations without the involvement of an architect. If you are sure of what the project’s goals are and what features you require, the involvement help of an architect is not always necessary. On the other hand, an architect can produce ideas on how to complement the existing house structure to create a consistent look throughout the property.

The role of an architect is often to oversee the works of builders, making sure the project is delivered within budget and on time. So, if your schedule tends to be full throughout the week, being able to rely on an architect to supervise the project will take a great weight off of your shoulders.

Alternatively, some building contractors will offer architectural services for all types of minor and major house alterations projects to keep things on track. These include architectural services such as preparation of plans and also project management, guidance through planning and building regulation applications.

This way, the whole project is carried out by one company – less time spent on dealing with multiple providers and suppliers.

Architectural Services For Your House Extension Project

If you are thinking of hiring an architect for tricky house structures that require detailed planning consider the following; a good architect can be a great source of cutting-edge ideas in design and house alterations, especially if you are after a very modern look. However, architects fees often amount to 10-20% of the total costs of residential projects, so it would be viable to employ an architect for major investments, such as new home builds, where the complexity of the project will outweigh any savings on design.

On the other hand, a trusted builder will be able to deliver a good value for money house extension that meets your budget, incorporates easy and trusted solutions without unnecessary additions, while still maintaining a coherent style both inside and out. Tradesmen will have the hands-on experience to erect practical, feasible house extensions that make the best use of space available.

For instance, sourcing the right brickwork within a sensible timeframe to complement the appearance of your Edwardian-style house will not be a problem for a reliable builder. This process will also be easier to manage as you will have just one company to manage a relationship with.

If you request a quote from a builder first, they will still be able to provide architectural consultancy services, making sure adequate plans are drawn up. Builders can also apply for any necessary planning permissions from your local authorities and take care of the paper work for you. All of this for much less than the cost of employing an architect.

Here at Craymanor Limited we are a Chartered Building Consultancy and Chartered Builders and will offer you excellent architectural services that are completely free of charge when we carry out the building works too, offering excellent value for money.

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