Westmount Road, Eltham

Westmount Road, Eltham

Westmount Road, Eltham
This is a project which started out as a client wanting to purchase the property which was in a probate sale.

Prior to his purchasing the property we gave advice in relation to its value and also carried out an assessment in regard to planning matters and a feasibility study of the extensions and required alterations together with their associated costs. With all of this information to hand the client was able to purchase the property with confidence and in the knowledge of its true value and of course, that he could indeed carry out the alterations, extensions and refurbishment as required.

The property was a probate sale and therefore, as often the case, the property was in a very poor state of repair and suffering from structural movement. Craymanor Limited undertook the design and build of the project as a whole including for a single storey rear extension creating a fantastic kitchen/ breakfast room and conversion of the existing loft which now offers what must be one of the best loft conversions we have ever undertaken. The bedroom space within the loft is stunning, as is the en-suite.

As you would expect all the services were renewed to the property including state of the art computer wiring throughout, a complete new heating system was installed which mixes fantastic economy with traditional radiators whilst in specific rooms, contemporary radiators were installed which also offered excellent efficiency. The
hot water system was also replaced and now offers a constant stream of hot water anywhere in the building and enabling any of the three power showers to be used simultaneously.

To compliment the scheme specialist contractors were employed to landscape the whole of the rear garden and to reintroduce a functional use to the front garden for off road parking.

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