The Elms, Woodland Lane, Sidcup

The Elms, Woodland Lane, Sidcup


The Elms, Woodland Lane, Sidcup
Craymanor Limited were instructed to improve the aesthetic appearance of the existing building.

The property was originally bland and lacked a sympathetic design, there was also a requirement for a first storey extension over an existing extension enabling the creation of a new office.

The project was achieved by providing new windows throughout the property and cladding all elevations with hanging tiles and to the front, to create an aesthetically pleasing brickwork panelling under the full depth storey height windows which were reduced in size. The existing porch was also improved to incorporate an over-shadowed roof and improve the design generally.

Overall the building is aesthetically far more pleasing than it’s original form and the clients are absolutely delighted with the finished product which now offers excellent value and has significantly improved and enhanced the value of this property.

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