The Cherries Garage, Sidcup

The Cherries Garage, Sidcup


The Cherries Garage, Sidcup
Craymanor Limited were instrumental in not only obtaining planning permission and the demolition and re-construction of this detached two storey garage in Metropolitan Green Belt but also negotiated with our client’ s insurers to fund the project as a consequence of subsidence caused by shrinkage of clay soils as a consequence of tree roots.

The scheme involved specialised foundations incorporating mini bored concrete piles drilled 12meters into the ground which then supported a reinforced concrete foundation in which the new garage was constructed.

The opportunity was also taken to negotiate with the planning office to widen the garage, particularly at ground floor level, and to change the design to offer a more contemporary feel to the building itself. The overall design solution not only achieved the widening of the original garage footprint but included to provide for a new garage structure offering significant improvement to the aesthetic appearance together with providing drama and interest to the overall appearance of the building. This was done by careful design and negotiation with the local authority planning office and now provides our client with a good quality garage to house its classic car together with significant additional usable floor space at first floor level.

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